Air Freight Secure & Reliable



Coordinating air freight shipments is a big part of what we do for our customers across the

globe on a regular basis.  Areas where we have vast experience are the handling of the most

complex air logistics programs as well as simple air freight shipments. We will improve

your air logistics experience by combining our knowledge of domestic and foreign

shipping laws with our reliable and proven supply chain and take some of the worry off

your mind. With all of the air logistics procedures, we will save you time and money.



  For all of your air logistics       needs, we offer a large array of   domestic choices. Consider   using one

  of our air freight choices if   you  need anything to be   shipped as quickly as possible:

 You will be able to track your   shipment with all of our air   logistics choices from the       moment it

leaves your possession to the moment it safely arrives at its destination. To make your

experience a smooth one, you can count on our air logistics services.

Daasomlogistics provides door-to – door distribution between Nigeria and over 200 nations for

air freight shipments. In addition, pickup and distribution from airports around the world can

be arranged by our air logistics team. On all air freight, we provide proof of delivery and

customs clearance. To ensure that your shipment is handled in a timely manner, we have a

network of agents / partners worldwide.

Daasom air logistics team has a shipping solution to deliver the products on time whatever your time frame, and however sensitive the materials you are shipping.

Airfreight is rapidly becoming the most essential and essential of all freight services. While it is

impractical to carry vehicles or heavy machinery in most cases, air freight is quickly becoming

the go-to solution for companies in the developing fields of engineering and biotechnology. The

ability to send samples, products, and other physical objects across the globe in a matter of

hours, not days, offers an ideal solution to the fundamental problem of getting an item from the

manufacturer to the consumer. But air freight isn’t just a solution for scientifically minded

companies who need to move sample vials across continents! Decreased costs thanks to

increased air freight traffic, and advances in aircraft design make it an ideal option for almost

any company.

Many manufacturing companies know well the importance of keeping the line moving. A single

broken part can result in thousands of lost revenue dollars, thanks to DAASOMLOGISTICS.

Having a new part shipped overnight via air freight is expensive, but it may save a large quantity

in terms of keeping up production. This means that even small parts manufacturers should

offer air freight options to their customers. It enables them to sell quickly to those who need the

part the fastest, not those who need it the cheapest.

This method of transport is also extremely reliable. Studies have shown that air freight arrives

on time much more often than traditional land and sea forms of cargo, and is less likely to get

lost in the system. This is because air freight travels much more rapidly and with fewer stops

than traditional ground freight systems, making it an ideal solution for the transit of highly

insured objects that need to be well taken care of. Reducing the time in transit is also suitable

for such high-value items. By reducing the time they are not carefully preserved in storage, they

are less likely to contact with materials or handling, which may damage them. Most accidents

that result in the damage or destruction of an item occur when that item is being transferred

from one craft to another. By eliminating as many transfers as possible, it is less likely that an

item will be damaged.

This mode of transport offers superior advantages in terms of speed, reliability, and delicacy. It

is the best of all options when an item needs to get there without fail, but it must arrive by a

specific date and time. It’s not only the ideal option for essential refrigerated items such as

medical samples and biotechnology products; it is perfect for fine art retailers and collectibles

and parts manufacturers. It should rarely be the only option, but it is the superior option in a

large number of cases. There is simply no freight that is as reliable, safe, and practical as air

freight, and for small items, it may be less expensive than other options. Daasomlogistics is fast and reliable.